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Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Control Software Purchase Order  module is used to Maintain Suppliers, Create PO Orders for requested Item's, PO receipts and return items to supplier. Features to create Purchase order report , Receive report, Transaction Log reports and more are included.

Purchase Order line item details, PO receipts, PO returns,Documets,EMAIL PO and print reports


Purchase Order

  • Search easily and quickly

  • Add, Edit or Delete - All in one screen

  • Copy existing order to new and edit

  • Attach documents 

  • Receive this order from this screen

  • Run reports against this order -

  • Add unlimited notes at the order level and at the line items level

  • Ship to your address or drop-ship

  • View receipts to this order

  • Purchase towards specific projects or jobs and run reports

  • User Fields at PO level and at line items level

PO Receiving and receipt details, undo PO receiving,print bar code labels and reports


PO Receipts

  • Use "Receive Now" button to Receive

  • Easy Receiving screen to receive lot and serial items

  • Print receiving documents together - Receiving report and box labels

  • Undo Receipts easily

  • View received details from the same screen

  • Re-print receiver and other documents

  • Auto close purchase order on receiving all line items

  • Transaction history on receipts

Purchase Order Inventory reports, PO receiving, open orders,transaction history, bar code labels



  • Search a purchase order and print reports for that PO

  • PO receiving, Labels and  bar coded reports 

  • Transaction log report for history transactions - serial and lot trace

  • Open order report sorted 

  • Receiving report sorted

Purchase Order
PO Receipts
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