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Manufacturing inventory management

Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Control Software is a perfect inventory management software for any type of manufacturing, whether you convert from one or more raw materials to a finished product or you just make it to order in a job shop. You can track just the quantity of goods, batch and lot control of raw material, in process and finished goods. You can also attach serial numbers to finished goods. No matter what you manufacture in a simple prototype environment or in a production environment, our AMICS software can help.



Simple in and out inventory for receiving and picking

AMICS manages inventory from raw material thru work in process (WIP) to finished goods. Multi level BOM or bill of materials can be defined in our engineering module with the make/buy decisions for the assembly.
Maintain sales order or customer orders. Buy directly from sales order and create work orders directly.
Then track all manufacturing in-process of purchasing including outside operations such as anodizing, work order for assembly and sub-assemblies including routing steps in shop floor. Track labor and material cost.
Finally ship finished goods with serial number tracking.



Project Inventory Management for complex inventory

AMICS maintains formulas for recipies and keeps track of raw material batch or lot. Easy to create batches for mixtures.
Purchase raw material and receive. Log in the received lot or batch numbers.
Charge out material that was mixed and receive the produced batch with lot or batch information. Add expiration dates as needed
Run transaction log report for any batch traceability and for any recalls
Attach all documents including process flow and mixing procedures to the work order .

Aluminum Factory


Government Furnished Equipment

AMICS is a simple job shop software. Create jobs, buy material towards the job or buy outside services such as anodizing or heat treating. Then create work orders for the simple job and add routing operations.
Charge material towards the job and receive in to inventory. Collect labor for the routing steps. Track estimate versus actuals on each job.
Optionally add manufacturing assembly features (see on left).
Use bar code readers and save time and improve accuracy.

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