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Receive and Pick Inventory

Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Control Software for warehousing is ideal for inventory management without purchasing and manufacturing features. Consignment inventory, project inventory, simple stand-alone inventory are some of the common uses of this product. Add additional modules as required. Bar code functionality can always be added.

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box


Simple in and out inventory for receiving and picking

AMICS standalone inventory system can be used to simply increase and decrease any inventory in a warehouse. Move inventory from one location to another. Run inventory report and parts traceabilty report. It is simple to use, cost effective and saves you time and money.
Add bar code readers for picking, receiving and transferring transactions.

Warehouse Shelves


Project Inventory Management for complex inventory

In addition to stand alone inventory, seggregate inventory by projects with no co-mingling of parts in multiple warehouses. Receive consignment inventory and use as as warehouse management system.
Optionally add manufacturing assembly and bar code software to provide a total solution
Track serial and lot controlled items with expiry days

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