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AMICS process manufacturing software is designed for a process flow as described below.

  • Create mixture formulas by mixing one or more ingredients

  • Purchase raw material and trace lot numbers

  • Mix and bottle the mixtures

  • Assemble and consume material in WIP

  • Stock and ship final product

Process Manufacturing Modules

AMICS inventory management software is designed to manage process manufacturing where you mix one or more ingredients or chemicals to produce a final formula or product. The following modules are generally used for Process Manufacturing. 

  • Part number can be up to 50 characters

  • Use multiple revisions in part numbers

  • Maintain Min/Max and run re-order report

  • Track obsolete items

  • Multiple prcing levels

  • Serial batch or lot inventory

  • Create Bill of materials or BOM for assembly

  • Print indented and summarized BOM

  • Print Where used and Tree view BOM

  • Easy check - Can I build it?

  • Cost roll up

  • Use BOM as Parts List

  • Create operational steps or routings

  • Maintain work centers and work ops

  • Maintain setup and run times for every op

  • Create work orders and copy routings

  • Collect labor for work operations

  • Compare estimate vs actuals


AMICS Part Master and BOM is where the part numbers and multi level BOM are created. Additional screens for inventory management are included in inventory module

Sales Order

AMICS sales order module is used to maintain customer orders and shipments. It integrates with inventory to pick items for shipment. Finished goods with serial numbers can be easily picked. Optionally, use bar code readers during shipment.

Purchase Order

AMICS purchase order module is used to maintain vendor or supplier orders and receipts. It integrates with inventory to receive items . Serial and lot numbers can be easily received. Optionally, use bar code readers for receiving. Print bar code labels on received goods

Work Order

AMICS work order module is used to maintain internal orders for assembly, process mixtures, repairs and more. Print and issue the work order. Receive completed goods and pick material used. Lot or batch numbers and serial numbers supported. Optionally, use bar code readers on all transactions.

Bar Code (optional)

AMICS bar code module is optional. All inventory transactions can be done using the bar code reader. Typical transactions are PO receiving, Material pick on work order, Shipments, Inventory count, adjust inventory and inventory movements. It can be customized to meet your specific requirements

Sales Order
Purchase Order
Work Order
Bar Code
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