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A great alternative to expensive ERP systems

As an Electronics component manufacturer, we wanted to discuss an exciting opportunity that could significantly enhance your operations, especially within electronics manufacturing.

Introducing you to Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory control software. (AMICS) The complete solution to control your inventory, ordering, and production for made-to-stock or made-to-order warehousing with multi-location management.

Amics would offer us an integrated and streamlined approach to managing our operations, from procurement and inventory management to production scheduling and order tracking. This would improve our efficiency and help us make more informed decisions based on real-time data.

Here are some key points to consider

Process Integration

AMICS will allow us to integrate various departments and processes within your organization. This means that data flows seamlessly between functions, reducing duplication of efforts and minimizing errors.

Keep Track of Production

Easily know the stock of completed builds while automatically removing parts from inventory as they are being used. Use our batch and lot control to maintain full traceability from parts/orders to completed builds.

Traceability using Lot control

Find any part with a simple search across multiple lots or warehouses based on a part serial number. All the order numbers are linked. With product serial numbers and part serial numbers to trace why and from where the parts are being used.

Efficient Inventory Management

With AMICS, we can keep a closer track of our inventory levels, ensuring that we have the right components available when needed while also preventing overstocking.

Data-Driven Decision Making

AMICS will provide insightful reports and analytics, enabling us to make data-driven decisions that can positively impact our bottom line.

Control Your Inventory

Amics lets you easily add parts in multiple storage locations and quickly add parts with our optional barcode scanning. Keep all your database in one place. Always know what parts you have., where they are, and what you can build with them.

Substitute parts easily

Keep your production costs and timelines in check with our purchase order system, where you can easily manage your sub-parts inventory to overcome any supply chain or pricing issues.

Keep Track of Builds

We made it convenient to keep track of builds so that you can track the progress of each build and see if you can substitute some parts with others or allow the system to pick in FIFO manner for all items.

Accurate Production Planning

The system's production planning module will help us optimize our production schedules based on demand forecasts, resource availability, and order priorities.

Regulatory Compliance

Especially in the electronics manufacturing industry, adhering to regulatory standards is crucial. Amics can help us maintain compliance by ensuring proper documentation and tracking.

Manage Purchasing

Quickly prepare orders for multiple distributors using up-to-date pricing. Use vendor rules to select vendors based on pricing and your preferences automatically. Quickly create purchase orders in one go and share them with your vendors for easy fulfillment.

Buy only what you need

With our BOM, you can easily calculate how many parts you need to buy across several projects while considering existing inventory. View purchase, sales, and work orders within one system to avoid excess inventory.

Return Material Authorization

With our inbuilt RMA, Keep your clients up to date with what's happening and maintain multiple notes to keep track of the status. Our RMA updates your inventory and maintains serial number info of every return transaction.

Enhanced Customer Service

With better visibility into order statuses and streamlined communication channels, we can provide our customers with accurate and up-to-date information, improving overall customer satisfaction.


As we continue to grow, an AMICS can easily scale with our needs, accommodating new processes, departments, and functionalities.

To move forward, I propose that we initiate a comprehensive evaluation process to select the most suitable solution for our specific requirements. This process could involve:

  • Identifying our precise business needs and pain points.

  • Researching and shortlisting ERP vendors that specialize in electronics manufacturing.

  • Requesting proposals and conducting demonstrations from the shortlisted vendors.

  • Assessing the costs and potential return on investment.

  • Engaging key stakeholders from various departments to ensure the selected system aligns with their needs.


I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further at your earliest convenience. Your insights and guidance in this matter would be invaluable as we work toward enhancing our operational efficiency and overall business performance.

Please fill in the details in the form below and we will get back to you.

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